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Olympic Email Update


Hello on full day two in Hong Kong!

The horses are doing great. Sam has gained back the five kilos he lost on the trip and added another five for good measure. He is weighing in at six forty eight kilograms and is the largest of our dressage horses!

Today we tacked them up and went for a thirty minute walk. The heat was not too bad. Ashley and I are running every day in it to try to get ourselves organized and a feel for what the horses are going through.

Yesterday we went down and checked Ashley into her hotel down by the harbour. We checked out the shopping district and bought traditional chinese shirts in different shades of red which we are going to wear with black pants for the jog. We wore them back to the showgrounds and were very well received by all the locals!!!!

Everything gets quiet for the afternoon when it's hot. We are getting into the swing of going out to see things in the afternoons. The evening brings harder riding so it is fun to watch all the training. Last night the big guns were all out riding together.

So all is great. We are learning to find our way around and are even managing to learn a little chinese.

Mmmmguy means thank you.

So mmmmmguy everyone for getting us here.


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