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Brookhaven Clients and Horses Achieve Goals at Blainville CDI-Ws


Two weeks ago, a large transport truck pulled out of Brookhaven Dressage. It was headed for two weeks of competition at two CDI-Ws, held in Blainville, just north of Montreal, Quebec.

Six Brookhaven-trained horses were on board. They were: Gran Gesto and Balmoral, Jacqueline Brooks’ grand prix mounts; Amusant, owned and shown by Leah Wilson at advanced level; Dostoevsky owned by Maria Simpson and shown at advanced adult amateur level by Jennifer Kellock; Everybody’s Darling owned by Tara Wickett and shown at the young rider level by Lindsay Kellock; and Wainwright, owned and shown by Danielle Kelley at third level.

Each Brookhaven client had a specific goal for the first international shows of the Canadian summer season and each was successful in meeting that goal. Congratulations to all!

Amusant and Leah took top three in almost all their classes.  Dostoevsky and Jennifer broke 60 in the Prix St George. Lindsay and Everybody’s Darling advanced to the Young Riders freestyle.  Wainwright and Danielle placed in the top three and had one first at their level.

Jacqueline and Gran Gesto consistently placed either first – Grand Prix first show, GP Freestyle second show ; second - Freestyle first show; or third – Grand Prix , second show.  But Jacquie, Gran Gesto and Balmoral saved their best for the Freestyle Gala held under the lights on the last night of the event. Jacqueline placed first with Gran Gesto with 72.555 and third with Balmoral who scored 69.7.

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